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  • The Last Iceberg – How Artificial Intelligence Is Unlocking Humanities Deep Frozen Secrets

    Icebergs are common meme used throughout the Internet. You see them everywhere, from depicting social media to human behaviors. They are used to explain knowledge we know, above the surface, and those things we don’t know, below the surface. Icebergs… Read More ›

  • America is Roadkill on China’s Path to Artificial Intelligence Dominance

    “That’s a dead armadillo,” I said pointing with my finger as my arm hung out the car door window.  Back in the day, my dad would take our family on vacation drives along iconic Route 66. We drove for hours during the… Read More ›

  • Review – A Spy’s Guide To Strategy by John Braddock. Brain food for the hungry.

    Deadly conflict is inevitable when companies compete for the same client. Your team, your alliance, will fight their team, their alliance, for people, places, and things on a battlefield that you may or may not choose. There will be a… Read More ›

  • Socio-Psycho Analyses for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

    Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) can use sophisticated Sociological and Psychological (Socio-Psycho) factors in order to positively identify Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). This animated presentation demonstrates just how it can be applied to one of the most opaque places on earth: The White… Read More ›

  • Bringing Artificial Intelligence To Life

    Artificial Intelligence is on the verge of a premature extinction, unless we dramatically change the way we bring to market its abilities. The new goal of any organization should be to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Life –  it is… Read More ›

  • Using NLP and Bayesian Logic to Automatically Classify Terrorism Events

    Another question in “Terrorism and Terrorist Threat” course being offered by Dr. LaFree through Coursera and the University of Maryland (UMD), related to whether this scenario was terrorism or not: Gunmen attacked a military convoy in Bazai town, Mohmand agency, Federally… Read More ›