R is an extremely useful software environment for statistical computing and graphics. But as awesome as it is, it can be quite daunting to find just the right package for a specific task. Well, CRAN Task Views is designed to help alleviate this challenge. The table below is matches the task (right) with the package (left). While a bit primitive, it as quick reference it does work.

For those that are must more industrious, check out “Visualizing the CRAN: Graphing Package Dependencies.” The authors uses graph visualize the relationship between packages in CRAN. His analysis shows that MASS is the most “depended on” package on the CRAN.  A total of 294 of the 3794 packages (almost 8%) in the CRAN depend on MASS.  An additional 95 suggest MASS; so just over 10% of all R packages either suggest or depend on MASS.

Bayesian Bayesian Inference
ChemPhys Chemometrics and Computational Physics
ClinicalTrials Clinical Trial Design, Monitoring, and Analysis
Cluster Cluster Analysis & Finite Mixture Models
DifferentialEquations Differential Equations
Distributions Probability Distributions
Econometrics Computational Econometrics
Environmetrics Analysis of Ecological and Environmental Data
ExperimentalDesign Design of Experiments (DoE) & Analysis of Experimental Data
Finance Empirical Finance
Genetics Statistical Genetics
Graphics Graphic Displays & Dynamic Graphics & Graphic Devices & Visualization
HighPerformanceComputing High-Performance and Parallel Computing with R
MachineLearning Machine Learning & Statistical Learning
MedicalImaging Medical Image Analysis
MetaAnalysis Meta-Analysis
Multivariate Multivariate Statistics
NaturalLanguageProcessing Natural Language Processing
OfficialStatistics Official Statistics & Survey Methodology
Optimization Optimization and Mathematical Programming
Pharmacokinetics Analysis of Pharmacokinetic Data
Phylogenetics Phylogenetics, Especially Comparative Methods
Psychometrics Psychometric Models and Methods
ReproducibleResearch Reproducible Research
Robust Robust Statistical Methods
SocialSciences Statistics for the Social Sciences
Spatial Analysis of Spatial Data
SpatioTemporal Handling and Analyzing Spatio-Temporal Data
Survival Survival Analysis
TimeSeries Time Series Analysis
gR gRaphical Models in R


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