Global Terrorism Database (GTDb)

NewImageI have built a prototype database of terrorists and their known associates, inferred associates, cutouts, and ghosts (AKA Global Terrorism Database). Using the Deep Web Intelligence Platform and many of the critical capabilities found in my enterprise data science framework, I have have managed to pull together an initial repository of bad guys and people associated with them that will globally scale. While having a composite database of known bad guys is important, what is really interesting is the list of previously unknown people that are associated with them – some of which I would have never guessed.

I want to know if this is important and why. If you have any thoughts, please let me know (



Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Data Science

NewImageIn the article “46 Critical Capabilities of a Data Science Driven Intelligence Platform” an original set of critical enterprise capabilities was identified. In enterprise architecture language, capabilities are “the ability to perform or achieve certain actions or outcomes through a set of controllable and measurable faculties, features, functions, processes, or services.”(1) In essence, they describe the what of the activity, but not necessarily the how.While individually effective, the set was nevertheless incomplete. Below is an update where several new capabilities have been added and other relocated. Given my emphasis on deep learning, composed on cognitive and intelligence process, I have added genetic and evolutionary programming as a set of essential capabilities.

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The Implementation architecture has also be updated to reflect the application of Spark and SparkR.

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