artificial-intelligence-recruitment.jpgArtificial Intelligence is on the verge of a premature extinction, unless we dramatically change the way we bring to market its abilities. The new goal of any organization should be to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Life –  it is hard to do, but simple when done. Life is defined in terms of real problems being solved, express through actual uses cases, and not in the technology of their solutions. Uber has brought AI to life through self driving smart cars. Siri, Google Now, and Cortana have brought AI to life through digital personal assistants. Spotify, Pandora, and Netflix have brought AI to life through helping us enjoy music and film art in a highly personal way. All are living examples of AI that have real impacts on our daily lives.

BN-OY980_0718_c_J_20160718174929.jpgHowever, today artificial intelligence if often overly complicated by characterizing it in terms its underlying capabilities and technologies. Capability like machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation are frequency points of discussion with consumers. When talking about AI, practitioners often invoke describe it in terms of genetic algorithms, neural networks, and evolutionary programming. While these capabilities and technologies accurately reflect the inner complexity of what makes artificial intelligence naturally hard, one still needs to bring AI to life in a way that simplifies our daily lives.

eabd7cf57b3a47e007d9c961dfb6152d.jpgWe are in the midst of a intelligence revolution that, by its definition, is destine to change our lives. Like the farmer being replace by the factor work being replace by the service worker, our lives will become more meaningful only when AI is as prolific as air. So, we need to bring AI to life by hiding the complexity that makes it hard, while transparently illuminating all the ways our lives become more simplified because it. It is only then when we will evolve to our next logical level of enlightenment.

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