The AI-hype would have you believing that we’ll soon be enslaved by super-intelligent beings or hunted by killer robots. Before building that Soviet-era bunker to survive the AIpocalypse, consider more immediate issues which are already affecting society today.

According to Martin Ford’s new book Architects Of Intelligence, 23 AI experts believe the real imminent AI-threats relates to politics, security, privacy, and the weaponization of AI.

To understand how these problems affect society today, Ford believes it’s helpful to see them from the perspective of leaders which have helped shape the current AI revolution.

The purpose of Architects Of Intelligence is to do just that. To draw everyone – not just AI researchers – into the discussion of immediate impacts of AI which are already affecting our society today. The book aims to highlight what some of those issues are and to teach a bit more about the technologies.

So, take a look at Architects of Intelligence and let me know, Dr. Jerry, what you think.

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