Field Note

Global Terrorism Database (GTDb)

I have built a prototype database of terrorists and their known associates, inferred associates, cutouts, and ghosts (AKA Global Terrorism Database). Using the Deep Web Intelligence Platform and many of the critical capabilities found in my enterprise data science framework,… Read More ›

FIELD NOTE: Predictive Apps

Mike Gualtieri (Forrester) believes that “developers are stuck in a design paradigm that reduces app design to making functionality and content decisions based on a few defined customer personas or segments.” The answer to developing apps that dazzle the digital… Read More ›

FIELD NOTE: Methodological Problems

Methodological Problems (i.e., problems for which existing methods are inadequate), which leads to new statistical research and improved techniques. This area of work is called Mathematical Statistics and is primarily concerned with developing and evaluating the performance of new statistical… Read More ›