A Brief History Of Data Science


This brief history of data science is an updated version of Gil Press’s “A Very Short History of Data Science.” The timeline depicts how data scientists became sexy is mostly the story of the coupling of the mature discipline of statistics with a very young one–computer science.  The term “Data Science” has emerged only recently to specifically designate a new profession that is expected to make sense of the vast stores of big data. But making sense of data has a long history and has been discussed by scientists, statisticians, librarians, computer scientists and others for years. The following timeline traces the evolution of the term “Data Science” and its use, attempts to define it, and related terms.

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Datalandia – Invasion of the Cattle Snatchers [VIDEO]

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It’s not everyday that big ideas comes to the little screen, but GE has done just that with Datalandia. This short video promo of a fictional land where menacing space aliens collide with brilliant machines and Big Data is brilliant reminder that visualization and story telling are important capabilities in the quest of finding revelations in data.

New Twitter Feed: @DSI2013


Data Scientist Insights has a new dedicated twitter feed, @DSI2013. With all the data science activity, it became apparent that the time had come to separate Data Scientist Insights (@DSI2013) from Dr. Jerry A. Smith (@drjerryasmith). Please take a bit of time to follow the dialogue in Data Scientist Insight, should that content interest you.